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We are non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women introducing them to the world of technology.

Our primary goal is to diminish the perceived barriers facing the IT industry and make it accessible for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the industry. We educate and equip women and men of diverse background with insight and hands-on experience in web development and IT with the purpose of testing their skills to pursue a potential career in web design, development, project management and entrepreneurship.

Programming, directly and indirectly, is an essential part of every business. We want people who are curious, but may otherwise not have the resources, to get a feel and understanding of the different aspects of programming.

We facilitate knowledge through workshops in different aspects of web development and technology with the help of industry experts, speakers and coaches. We inspire and engage participants through these workshops, as well as seminars and events pertaining to topics ranging from programming, web design, IT project management and entrepreneurship.

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Our activities are fueled by kindred souls who are interested in facilitating information and fostering education.

You give the opportunity for a number of women and men to be introduced to programming, thereby promoting their participation and sparking interest in the IT industry.

As sponsors, you create exposure through positive publicity and raise awareness of your company as a supportive and caring organization that gets involved with and gives back to its community. Moreover, you create heightened visibility of your brand, products and services and broaden your reach beyond your immediate industry.

You can also build on your network by creating new professional and business relations with other sponsors, vendors, speakers and attendees.

For our sponsors, Codher offers, but not limited to, the following benefits:
• Naming rights
• Exposure
• Co-organization
• Promotion & Advertising
• Product Endorsement


We are non-profit volunteer community dedicated to inspiring women introducing them to the world of technology.

We want to educate and equip women of diverse background with the skills and resources to pursue their careers in design, development, project management or building their own ideas (enterpreneurship).

The main idea is to make women fall in love with programming dismantling perception that they cannot succeed in the technology industry.


T.ogether E.veryone A.chieves M.ore!
Maria Hidalgo
Maria is the main contact person and manager of all activities and events at Codher. She is also a contact person for volunteers and coaches.
Christiane Sanchez
Chris’ main responsibility is management of Codher’s day-to-day business activities. She is also the main contact person for partners and sponsors.
Raul Pineda
Program Manager
Nicolai Goncalves
Lenka Prochazkova
Meetups Manager
Pavle Avramovic
Mikolaj Matyaszczyk
Chris Hjorth
Ioana Grozav
Carsten Nilsson
Anne Reinhard
Paul Morar
Louise Christensen
Mark Lewis
Clarissa Schwarz-Linnet
Community manager
Troels Schwarz-Linnet
Ivaylo Tahirski
Roni Radev
Jorge Rodriguez
Jesper Devantier
Emilis Sapronas
Kasper Mullesgaard
Arya Shahali
Hasan Samanci
Ju Goncalves
Ditlev Tojner

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